ABRE is pleased to introduce most cost effectiveness and grounding solution, a comprehensive in different grounding system expanding their grounding product offering to include new simple and connection types adding increased versatility forinstalling a ground grid mesh system, a flexible rods grounding system, provides new solutions for grounding applications and minimizes the number of connector types and installing dies required to complete the system.
The industry’s other common methods of installing grounding systems are offered by exothermic welding products and mechanical connector clamps the broadest range of products offered in the market. Overall, ABRE solution grounding cansave time and labor costs.

Below some types of earth electrodes provides permanent, not easily broken and sufficient current carrying capability low resistancetheirclassification are described according to location, form and profile of the classification according to IEC62305, BS7430 and IEEE80 providing a low impedance network to dissipate the fast rising lightning impulse, minimization of step and touch potential hazards and long term performance of the system.

Surface earth electrode

Is an earth electrode generally driven in at a shallow depth down to 1 m. It can consist of round material or flat strips and be designed as a startype, ring or meshed earth electrode or a combination thereof.
Earth rod

Is an earth rod generally driven in plumb down to greater depths. It can consist of round material or material with another profile, for example.
Foundation earth electrode

Which comprises one or more conductors embedded inconcrete which is in contact with the earth over a wide
Control earth electrode

is an earth electrode whose form and arrangement serves more to control the potential than to maintain a certain earth electrode resistance.
Ring earth electrode

Is an an earth electrode underneath or on the surface of the earth, leading as closed ring around the structure.
Natural earth electrode

Is a metal component in contact with the earth or with water either directly or via concrete, whose original function is not as an earth electrode but which acts as an earth
electrode example reinforcementsof concrete foundations.

Type A for an arrangement consisting of horizontal or vertical earth electrodes connected to each down conductor, there are several types of earthing systems which depend mainly on the environment in which they will be installed:

Type B for an earthing arrangement using foundation earth electrodes, the earth electrodes shall be used to augment the steel reinforcing foundation mesh, reinforcing steel bar are used to help concrete withstand tension forces. Concrete by nature is sufficiently strong to compression forces, although tension forces can crack concrete, these will assist in achieving the required earth resistance, Foundation earth electrodes may be supplemented by installation of earth rods connected to the ring earth system.