Seminar on Lightning and Surge Protection MS IEC 62305

Seminar on Seminar on Lightning and Surge Protection MS IEC 62305

Date: 15th September 2015 ( Tuesday)

Time:   9:00am to 5.00 pm

Venue : IEM Penang Branch Secretariat


Lightning phenomena’s are mega – atmospheric electrical activities which may cause fatal injuries and extensive damages to properties and services. The Malaysian Standard on lightning protection, MSIEC62305, had implemented since 2007, however not much adoption on this standard for current engineering design. This seminar aims to clarify the importance of the air terminal placement and others parts of lightning protection equipments are according to MS-IEC62305 as an effective tool in lightning interception in order to effectively protect structures from being struck and damage by lightning.


About The Speaker

Mr Vincent Loh obtained his Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering (Electrical/Electronic) from University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom in year 1992. In the first year after graduation, he served as Sales Engineer in Tamco Electrical & Electronics Sdn Bhd based at Selangor. The next 10 years, he joined WJ Furse UK – Thomas & Betts/ABB as Business Development Manager and serving in Far East Asia region, specialized in selling/designing in Lightning Protection industry, to support R&D Engineer in product development and also to support customer, consultant, distribution channels in embedded design or engineering calculation. Mr Vincent Loh leave WJ Furse UK and joined Tyco Electronics – TE Connectivity as Country Sales Manager to provide service on medium to high Energy/Voltage cable & accessories. His current portfolio is now in the Asia region serve as Executive Director for ABRE Group of Companies. He has more than 21 years professional experience and practical expertise in industrial product, sales & application for electrical, lightning solution, utility earthing, explosion proof & industrial products. He
also have strong network contacts in Electrical Consultant application segments, Utility and Oil & Gas related field’s application.
With his strong analytical, quantitative, and problem-solving skills, Mr Vincent Loh is good in handling
channel partners, agents & distributors network

Tentative Programme

9:00am Registration
9:15am MS IEC 62305 [Parts 1]

  • Lightning levels and characteristics
  • Summary of main differences between MS IEC 62305 and BS 6651/MS 939
  • Definitions of LPS and LPMS
  • LEMP Protection Measure System (LPMS)
  • LPZ concept

10:45am Tea Break
11:00am Risk Analysis Course for the MS IEC 62305 [Part 2]

  • Simulation Run on Risk assessment (including UK software examples):
  • Need to run the simulation for R1, R2, R3 and R4 (if possible used the local lightning density as for
    local consultant designing need)
  • Decision making from the risk simulation to produce “protection measure”
  • Example of Level of protection LPS design to the typical local lightning density simulation with
    outcome solution
  • Identify the typical design networks comply to the simulation outcome eg. Class, Rolling Sphere
    radius, Angle protection, Mesh method and Down conductors spacing.

12:00am MS IEC 62305 [Parts 3]

  • Lightning levels and characteristics
  • Summary of main differences between MS IEC 62305 and BS 6651/MS 939
  • LPZ concept

1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm MS IEC 62305 [Part 3] continue…

  • Definitions of the classes of structural lightning protection systems
  • Designing an air termination system using the protective angle, rolling sphere and mesh methods
  • Down conductor systems
  • Earth termination systems
  • Separation (isolation) distance of the external LPS
  • The application of surge protection devices in protecting structures (Type I)
  • Maintenance and Inspection of LPS

3:00pm MS IEC 62305 [Part 4]

  • LEMP Protection Measure System (LPMS)
  • LPZ concept
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Line routeing and shielding
  • Co-ordinated SPDs
  • Inspection and maintenance of LPMS


  • Medium to High Voltage Lightning Protection System – Utility
  • Definitions lightning transient or surge in theory caused by the inductive coupling principle mode
    (electromagnetic interference) via overhead lines

4:15pm Tea Break
4:30pm Case Study
4:45pm Questions & Answers
5:00pm End

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