ABRE and company follow & offer the latest standards in practice and adequately details the requirement for inspecting a Lightning Protection System LPS, the testing required and the detailed records that should be maintained.

Observance of clauses from IEC 62305-3, BS EN 62305-3 and SS 555-3 will highlight any maintenance of the system required. Of particular importance is the regular detailed examination of the complete LPS for any evidence of corrosion. If this check is not carried out then vital components within the LPS, which may have suffered from corrosion and which could exhibit a high resistance could be missed. This will have a detrimental effect on the whole system making it an unattractive high impedance path for the lightning current to follow.

To minimize this problem, along with regular inspections, the selection of the correct materials should be made in accordance with the recommendations of the latest standards apply.The checking of one installation must be done according to the level of protection.
(Every 2 years for level I and every 4 years for level IV)


The Benefits

The benefits of coming to ABRE for earthing, lightning and surge protection service and maintenance are:

  • We deal every day in this specialist area
  • We provide designs that comply with all relevant standards
  • We have the experience to provide an ‘optimist’ design
  • With our manufacturing experience,

we are able to utilize our engineering and affordable the products available to provide a design that is not just safe
but can be installed using appropriate and the most up to date products.