ABRE, a manufacturer of Lightning Protection System, together with a team of combine experience of more than 50 years have extensive knowledge of the current standard series, IEC 62305 which is recognized by all leading European and Asian companies. It is known in the modern world today that air-termination system, down conductors and earth termination system does not fully cover a total solution for lightning protection.
We adopt the IEC 62305 standards which are harmonized in Asia and this series of standards is internationally approved.

These standards include This lightning protection standard is applied to various industries such as

  • IEC 62305-1: Protection against lightning part 1:General Principals
  • IEC 62305-2: Protection against lightning part 2:Risk management
  • IEC 62305-3: Protection against lightning part 3:Physical damage to structure and life hazard
  • IEC 62305-4: Protection against lightning part 4: Electrical and electronic systems within structures.