ABRE has team of dynamic, experienced members which have also extensive knowledge of international standards in
Lightning & Earthing Protection businesses.

The mottos of are:-
Actions : We are always ready to listen and give appropriate solutions to solve your lightning problems.
Believe : We believe in honesty. Our solutions are following the standards and we do our best to save cost for the
end users with our knowledge in managing the risk assessment. You can always rely on us for honest
opinions and we deliver our promises.
Respect : We always form a mutual understanding and trust and that brings customer into believing. With the
customer always in our mind, we will find solutions to their problems and fulfil wishes quickly and
effectively. Our specialists are here to actively support you in achieving your goals.
Enthusiasm: We always have the driving force that is the formula to success. We are always updated on international
standards and we always keep ourselves exposed to new technology.

Innovations and inventions are part of our business, but we also simplify work processes in terms of cost savings for our
clients. We only provide high quality reliable products to our customers.

Our Promise

Always Deliver our promises and Plan a STEP ahead !